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Sport Badia, where your sporting success becomes our priority! At our store, we provide you with the expertise and experience of an industry expert to help you achieve your sporting goals.

With Sport Badia, you are never alone in your sporting adventure. Choose your own expert advice and ensure you have a competitive edge in the field.

Book today via email or whatsapp a personalized counseling session with our expert and start your journey to sporting success. Our team is excited to accompany you on this exciting journey.

Why Choose the Sport Badia Personal Advice service:

Expert Guide: Collaborate directly with one of our highly qualified experts, passionate about your sport and ready to share valuable advice and knowledge.

Individual Planning: There are no universal solutions. Our expert focuses on you, creating a tailored plan to achieve your specific sports goals.

Technical Analysis: Receive an in-depth equipment analysis to identify potential improvements.

Recommended Product: You will receive personalized advice on the best equipment and sportswear to meet your needs.

How it Works:

Consultation Booking: book a consultation session with our expert directly in our shop.

Meeting with the expert: at your appointment, you will meet our expert, discuss your needs and evaluate the best solutions.

Product Selection: If necessary, we will guide you in choosing the most suitable equipment and sportswear for your needs.

After-sales service: once purchased or rented the product you can still ask our experts for useful advice on how to best match them to your sportswear, coming to visit us in the store or writing comfortably on whatsapp.

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