Dynafit, clothing for mountain endurance sports

DYNAFIT is a brand of athletes for athletes. Speed is in our DNA and we are driven by our desire to offer those who practice endurance sports in the mountains the most efficient system, 365 days a year, in summer as in winter, from head to toe. We know what it takes in the mountains to achieve goals and release the best of oneself: intelligent materials, innovative technologies and the courage to take even unconventional paths are our key to success. The result of our work is minimal and efficient but at the same time completely reliable products, which provide all the support necessary to practice the most demanding sports in the mountains - ski touring, trail running, mountaineering or mountain biking.

  • Running and hiking pants
  • Fleece knitwear
  • Padded jackets for alpine skiing
  • Technical underwear
  • Technical socks
  • Jilet and windproof outerwear
  • Rain jacket
  • Trail running shorts
  • Running or hiking tank tops